Where your donations go...

Stage 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation 

in the autumn of 2017, we funded the first Stage 4 post heart event classes to be held in the IOM. This vital service has enabled recent heart patients to gain strength and mobility after their heart operations and procedures.

Over £250,000 worth of Essential  Equipment for CCU at Nobles

In 2018, your generous donations funded  a wide range of equipment for Nobles Hospital.  This included:

  • 2 Echo machines costing £62,000,

  • an exercise testing system costing £26,000,

  • 25 cardiac event monitors costing £37,000,

  • 20 Holter recording and analysis systems costing £137,000 and

  • 5 CCU trolleys costing £5,000

Cardiac Nurse

For a number of years we had funded a dedicated cardiac nurse. We are hoping to be able to facilitate the return of this great service.

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