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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Notice sets out the way we process your information and details our privacy and fair processing policy. We’ll keep this page updated to show you all the things we do with your personal information so that you can be confident when sharing your information with us that it will be only used for what we say here.

What information do we collect?

We don’t usually need much personal information unless you are engaged in one of our fundraising events. In this case, in order to communicate with you, we may collect personal information about you from our website, telephone conversations, emails, application forms and written and verbal communications. We may, for example, keep a record of your name, address, delivery address, email address, telephone number. We may also record details of any disability or dietary needs you may have at the time of participating in an event in order to help to ensure your safety.


How we use personal information

1. Personal data collected and processed by us may be used for the following purposes:

  • Administration of donations and legacies.

  • Volunteering. If you are volunteering to help at one of our events, we also sometimes give contact details to a team leader, in case there are changes of plan on the day, but will only do so with your consent.

  • Transaction notification messaging (such as Direct Debit or PayPal confirmation)


2. Personal Data collected and processed by us will not be shared with third parties for their own purposes. Any communication will come from Manx Heart Foundation. We never sell, trade or rent, or otherwise disclose Personal Data.


3. Retention

We hold your information only as long as necessary.


4. Accessing, updating and amending your personal data held by Manx Heart Foundation

You may request a copy of the personal data we hold about you.

We will update or amend personal data we hold about you if you inform us of inaccuracies.

If you would like to update, amend, or access your personal data held by us, please apply in writing to the address below.


5. Cookies

Manx Heart Foundation does not track users or use cookies in any way, however, some 3rd party widgets (e.g. Facebook and Google) which we do use, may use cookies to track you. Information collected by cookies and web beacons is not personally identifiable.


6. Payment gateways

We currently use Paypal for payments made online. When you input data into a payment page or direct debit instruction, you are communicating directly with Paypal and they pass your payment to us. This means that your payment card information or bank details are handled by them and not processed or held by us.

Details of how Paypal handles information and comply with data protection regulations should be checked at:


This Notice

We will update this Privacy Notice from time to time.   Any substantial changes as to how we process your personal data will be notified on our website and to you directly, as far as practicable.

Any queries regarding this Notice, or any changes to your personal details should be addressed to:

Manx Heart Foundation

7 Ballacriy Park,
Isle of Man


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Manx Heart Foundation

7 Ballacriy Park,
Isle of Man

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